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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  February 20, 2016 12:37am-1:37am PST

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ee[ chndrs ala app]use a >>ncnnoufrer: om 30 oc rkefeller plaza in new yo, rk'sitla " ntehtigit wh seth meyers." nitot gh-- ulpaia gttmai. om frrt "diany gr adpa"rect assnd co dime, anbrau peyzala. "n yewk ormeti cs"umolstni, anfrbrk i.un atfeinurthg 8ge an bwid th shjoez free. [ rschee a anduspplae ] la adiesennd gentlem, se eyth mers! s >> geth:evood g,enin ybever iody,et'm syeh mers. ithisats "lghe nit." ho evw's oderybiny doni' toght? [ rschee a anduspplae ] gverytoood r. hea in t tha, cases let'toget the news. e th ceast ioastacs brfoing r a wi snter ttormcohat duuld s mp a ch mu2 as ofeetowf snso in me pl .aces s or aloone mecal olteort ogis pu --t it w >>r inteomis cing. ug[ la ]hter s >> teth:guhat suy's ch a erbumm. la [ erught ] du te towehis d'ekenpes ex cted
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sp a inike ge usath of tie dang p, apde tinr. t bumbremeiner, he eitser ca, u yolyrare u endttp geasing ny mahe inc ys asntou aaticiped. [ htlauger ] ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] ep kemi in nd. do tnald trumpwehis ek qu onestiowed h c tedcoruz uld fo brgetthoth e at hcawas annadi zeciti bn by airthhand t t he aonceteccep$1d a li miloaon ln gfromanoldmhs sac. n'i doowt kn. abprobhely te samsoway e meon ul corgd fohaet teyt the onc orsuppgated rry ma, iage erunivhesal calth aare,lt weah x, tava priecte suntor aion,n sa asweult s aponanban d ll hiclary n,into-- so ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] op pee le betforg ttin's.hing na doruld taimp sdad toaty th he di t d noctexpeah sarin pal to sp foeak uor, qthte, onat lg ri duerng hbl ramening emdorsent ee sparch e tlierwehis ek. e shspdid foeak err ov 20 mi s.nute bu met re, mbersafor parah lin,
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la [ erught ] to a cn ofs,omma o butthnly ree nt ses.ence si muonc icr che rsaidtleceny, do tnald crump can'tupome h wit a sthairthyle ooat lumks han, w hod coulomhe c we upa ith plan to ea defist is. i sou'f yooore l fking por alan to ea defist iswo, i 'tuldnnt cou on r, chehe eitr. ug[ la ]hter ' beinsthone. pl[ ap ]ause d anseadvir r folddonamp tru's ca gnmpaiay todd sai tthat rump is er a pofson p deeh.fait tsaid, rumps "it'.true ve i'nt speot a lti of eame rding th ble bi." la [ erught ] [ p trume voic] 's iton a wulderfk. boo ve i'd reaofall it. [ htlauger ] an t d leayme s's, ity vert.grea -ya 93olear-rld wor d waii ve n teraakis mheing neadlir s fo hi ans pl ts tol raveusto aiatral euto r wnitehiith r s wa time frgirl aiend 7fterar0 years apt. th n e ma hsaysexe's d citeeeto s th nde lan dowr,unde and
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la [ erught ] be py hap h forim! ee[ chndrs ala app]use ju i opst h de he'toesn get -lostju- i opst h de he'toesn t ge iloste n th.bush [ htlauger ] f or i lhe's, uckyouthe k.tbac guyou -ys - li [ laght erught ] nn goita wa t fortohis d dieown so ca we itn edt tha opartut. [ t lighhtlauger ] ng si. er ry kellcohas orme fward efto dbiend osll cby. haso tght ou ct to blears ill' me na! la [ erught ] ap [ seplau ] e thero!we g wthat cas afrall ilom bl's la twyerwahat e s onhoof tse go ewod nd s/ba tnewss.hing fiand y,nall l thengos a eles icpublra libasry hou ann nced th t at i fwillveorgie lat fees bofor errrow ts iftuhey n rn i r theiduoveroke boths wihein t
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di eaed ygors a! yo ysu gu'v, wet e goeaa growt sh yofor niu toght! [ rschee a anduspplae ] i hee s th ostarowf sh'stime li"bil aons" fnd astantaic r.acto pa iaul gi mattn is oshthe ow ghtonit. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] t can' twaitlko tahi to m. e sh fis astantactic a, ressshe vis afuery penny , rsoniea frnd o ofurs. e' sh ts inewhe nm filty"dir an gr"dpa. br aulaey ps za i obacke n th .show ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] an wd webeill ki talolng ps itic thand ece el wtion"nith orew yk s"timeed op-um col, nist fr brank inuni h the ouse ghtonit. ee[ chndrs ala app]use it f's astantahoic sw. bu fot bee re wtoget t all hat, e th ocityinf flict, mn,higa co uentin fs toa ace ivmasse te waisr crhais ts t haedlast for ar newoly trs yea. d an amanyowre nli calorng f the re atsignofion hi mics gan' pu reanblicer gov nor, srickr.nyde evnew ceidenge sughists s niadmitistraison dedmiss nc co aerns fbout'slinter wat. an w d noquthe onestie,s ar who t isamo blase, wre the a r-covendup aul shoydd snteer sp do wn. fo rer moth on itis, im's tr e fo
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ch[ rseend app ae laus] anow,ers ams,icanre the are rt cethain wingskee ta for tegrand. th rie mcllb wiay alwmes cok. bac la [ erught ] ma arrk hwimon lwll abeays on tv . d anl we'lysalwae havssacce to n cleakidrinatng wer. t buliin fthnt, nat'sheot t r their watebehas oien pd sone lwithfoead mor alwost trs yea r aftesta coti-cuteang m sure t >>rohe ps blemn begaprin ail 20 he14 we n th scityhewitcs d it te waurr soo ce tflthe riint ver stoe avnemoy. thbut rre coe osivr river wate sn waro't py perltetread d an i >>iammed, telye ther were lacomp aints iboutasts tndte a el sml. s >> neth:i'ow, em not,xper but i' etm prurty stee wan'r ist su tosedelo sml. u yor neveonget s they ubwaand sa h,y, us thismcar lellsike wa ter. al n so osuthe , bway nit's ever r.wate [ t lighhtlauger ] j sohoust d w bathwas is pr m?oble >> d leariin dg nkinr wateldshou
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f in, lint tmorehahan f lf othe ho sames d mpleovhad er 0 1,00ppb. hithe t ghesinreads g wa0013,2, re mon thae twic twhatpahe e idconstoers waxic ste. et>> shah: trit's ght. wathe water ics tw pe asnooisous t as woxic oastestr jugh slitly ss leso poi tnousa han temonsr er enrigy dnk. [ t lighhtlauger ] in t, fac w the watero as sc toxi 01in 2en4, g merals otorpestopd in us tg itkeo mas. car he>> ty citliof fs nt ingmaki e thr wate tsafeino drutk, b en wh u youhase ttet wa mr toake neengits par c, itesreate som rt sof orrcoioosn. g >>ysm sase thohe higlor chrine le cvelsauan carse cts par to ru st. s >> teth:athe waser wba so d it us caared cts parru to ndst a yet ey th h let bumans eing keep i ca bewhuse t en is comeoito pson, yoevernone khews tan humy bodis re moab durhale tchn a crevy uze. gh[ liugt la ]hter t soeshe rofult s thimaman de bl pueaic hcrlth iisisats th sathouofnds pl peovee han bee po edisonth by oweir atn ste d anquthe onesti i nowass, w er thcoe a upver-? stdid ofate alficiows kn the
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d anarso f e thencviderye ve mu ugch ss gest dtheyid. o >>esne rheearcair clhems t e statrealtetad dama to heke t te waemr seer saf. he s saystthe noate lyt on te tstedrohe womng hbues, t te ala red rtrepoim, elininatg st teoms fr h two tomeswohat uld ha hove soxwn tevic lofels d. lea >> es in e,senc s the ttateanook gr'f' foade inr fltet war's re oportadn le m anditade o int a'an 'de gra. s >> teth:tuhey arned' n 'finto an ' 'a. at thom's sngethis kido do t oi avttd gegring edound. di i fdn'tthail ste tem., mo i iacedt. la [ erught ] w no cthiss risin begaprin ail , 2014thbut rse fiblt puic ac leknowntdgmem froigmich an's rngoveidor dcon't ntme uheil t d enepof sertemb5. 201 ersnyds saypohe sutke o bl pu, iclyooas s hn asune fod t out abouprthe m,oble f butlint re ntsideens aruy't biting . he>> ter govsanor s ys a asoons he nd fou t outthhat ade le was mi corong fe m thr wateolhe td op peo le t dstopinrinkg it. n >>hao, tbut's ll. th bat'scrull ap. ug[ la ]hter et>> sulh: bapl cr, ci inaldentstly, heill iealthr to
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ug[ la ahterppnd ae laus] inand te spial of tl of his, t flinderesihants ctve alluay be fenceortod on cnutiyie pang fo eir thter waisr thle whoe. tim ou>> yta're g lkint abouan on ecalomicisly dntadvaarage ea er whope perele all stiin payg thfor waeir biter dlls,teespi th cte fat tha omostemf th't can uevenhese ter wat. >> id res sentsheay t py'reg ayin fo isr poon. >> h: sety' theayre pfoing r is poon. onthe ayly w s youd houl peveray r foonpoisth is h roug ettickermast. ug[ la ]hter ve gim thethsometoing ie belve in ! w noersnyd f haslyinalrt staed ta skingreome sispontybilit , bu t'flintes wan'r ise t th only iscrisde snyfar's .cing 's heo alsindealthg wich teaers in ro dethoit wec efflytivet shu tdownithe cscy's s hoolon eswednwiday reth pnepland si tsckou. wh erat we e thheteacrs pr tiotesng? t>>cheas ere arseupabt t ou recent pay cuts and wh tathey e arincallplg deleorab co ionditt ns ar theiolschos. es thote phhoos sstw jue somof th obe pr.lems heavily damaged ceilgsinn i ro s,ofic mshe inarrog s omthwi enstudts. et>> sheh: t nre's mot a iousen e thsrclas toom,ouhe mhase sres
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se ae itn ll inethe xaw pid,r du ta [ laughter ] th vee go rrnorsnick , yderthe sa ovme gr ernoowis nlo aponggizi fo e r thhiway mis adranist tion onpoisheed tpl peo fe of lint thavey o saheto tch teaers? n >> is termheof tko sicn ut i the de t troiolschodas tohay, w t is myourgeessath to ace te?hers >> ou i wopld hu e yod woul stop inharme g thdrchilen. s >> ueth:s nlesscthe whoolas se g rvinilpencr s foh,luncy the n'werermt hakiing ords whase tn ad leth in tee war. hthiseeas b cn "ar lose."look ee[ ch arsppnd ae laus] we be'll ht rigk bac mwithore "l niate aght" tfterhis! folk ous, y m can'take stuthisp.ff ufo diur banhosets cri a p us asr theiway getacar. o-bravr,ninepu in t rsui of ayotoriusta per. ov. how hard is it to catch a prius? over. isthng thi is actually pretty fast. over.
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ee[ chndrs ala app]use et>> sveh: edyryboea, plivse ge u itr p fo8gthe d! ban ee[ chndrs ala app]use apso ho py t thavehehem re. al heso, ee's brkn wohaing n rd o drthe alums ekl we d andanone az amjoing r b fous. jo resh f eese,boverydy! th yoank mu sofouch inr beg re he. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] hjoshoras wwiked veth ee ryon om fry katy perr pto acterfe rc cindle a b hasa een ermemb of ch suni icondc ba ss asmeubli th wie romthand nde vaanals d heyet s say wthishaeek ens be s hitegreaccst aisomplt.hmen k thansoyou h mucbefor wiing th , us.josh ha>> t mnks,an. >> h: set c andbaome nyck ae. tim bs>> aeloluty. ap [ seplau ] s >> neth:asow, y manouof y ow knvi, moare aweads sisson in fu will th lde goloen gwebes fre aew ek weo.s ag osthe rcars aightd rounthe
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thand arere me sograny eat mo tviesyehis yiar vorng f the awtop .ards i but k thine therneis oie mov t righthnow eaat rstlly ands is poo ed t bbe ainig wconer me os nicar ght. le tat's lke aook. i >>ton a hewn w lretyoyal is ki wing, heth te lineebetwn an std jue icthis anyt ing bu d. blin e oninthreg nsigup smere. ou>> y k allmenow . noi'm stt juop a c. i' fam a , thera i'm ason,nd ov abl,e al f i'mborom .ston ug[ la ]hter bo>> " astont.ccen" gh[ liugt la ]hter cr s iticcaare g llinfithe lm to"boscen acgrnt" , itty ot eml,iona t andovhe mitie wh e th bmostn ostontacceths is year. [ light laugerht ] e thlipociti wanh ite thscupe al ke y nned btypen ostontacce. a>> ie m thr mayoosof bton. i elwas d ecteleto cp an u this
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t nogoing to g methay s ndrtdiy. he>> tni towo e wh tsaysorhe wd o br einryveen snctee. ro>> bn', dollt teto me ll chi bout,seecau c i'medrank up, bro. d anowi knre whe l you bive,ro. d an ibro,w knoe wherwoyou rk, bro. an o?d br owi knt whadryou bive,ro. a annissim maxroa, b. li [ laght erught ] >> he tar hnod d setedeivcte aypl beda y itbrh istoacwhr iso yitr hng bist,esut boe d'tsn qu e itvehat. i k>> ihenow nk thi'ss heke wicd smart. here's the thing, i'm wicked smarter. [ laughter ] >> and one actor, o whcided deat e thstlain me,utot no t ado bo astont ccenllat a. i >>oi'm go ng targo pe k thcar in va hararrd yd. la [ erught ] " >>tyvanir" faile calosd "bton ac ntce a,"ou tder or f ocef opdrd pe, rsd anbra liilt an ow sh ocasee f ths wordedwick, piand .sser e thyonew imrk tayes ss s, awith al vil moetes sbo in , stoni t spen tlesspaime ayingtittenon t tolohe pndt, ae mor time kithinhang tcet acs nt i, goodor ke yihas, wtht's uyat gng doi?
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ke i onpt wngderith if ree dictor ev serppte iedann asd d,kehe wre y dohiou tounk yarr chr acteis fr om? [ ghlilat htug ]er fe inature g th fword, ortybut sa n id ibothe wstonay. 4 >>0. 0.>> 4 >> b 40,ro. 4 >>0. 4 >>'m0, iry sor., 40 gh[ liugt la ]hter nd>> ade loathd wigr geocaaphil fe reesrencci to atiesownd tns m inchassatsuset t andrehe gater bo astonrea. c>> ieean mu t yon in a ihourn rc wor.este h >>boow aedut m?ford h >>boow aorut dtechesr? ow>> hut abouc glor?este h >>boow aauut t?nton >> m ah,usy coriin efrc's om ta n.unto ic>> wked. wi .cked y >>anou w mt totheet ere? ah>> nh,, na a how wboututaymoh? >> a how rboute?ever ow>> hut aboer some?vill h >>boow aarut meablehd? h >>boow arlut aoningt? >> t what abouktbrocon? ow>> hut abomp swat?scot >> hy won d w'tmee ietn br reainte? ha>> tnvt cotiersaoeon g fs onor n teteminus. li [ laght erught ] d anonthe hily ttrng sr ongethan th acese s centheis te lov
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st botyon sle. ha>> w yt doanou womt fr me, a?donn >> i want you to stop treating lmee ug[ la ]hter ut>> bn wheare you going to stop putting jimmi oesmyn ce i ea crm? h,>> ol i'ljiput s mmieouon yr ic eae crenm wh s youactop ting like a [ bleep ] prick. >> donna! li[ t ghuglaerht ] e semothe thvie s at ig bein edhailch as fuock f ll oalaeri sh ofots wa fenrky pa. an osd "bacton " centd woulbenot lecompitte w phoute eoplintalkg ou abyat loanlty sod hyutnd all a th that ooser bstton uff. i >>n, mea k you snow,y outh ltloya my isimore anportant th a gu oun, yw. kno do tan't y ke m fwordt.or i u yo, know wjust "atchthe de edpartr ," o,""cal"b or lack ,"massst "myivic r "er,", gone , baby."gone gh[ liugt la ]hter "b ocoondink sats." knyou "gow, iloodwntl hu" ing, alactuhaly, los a tt of hose esthem. too yo owu kner, thnoe's e t th same
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it ll stids hol y up,owa kn. he>> tst "boloon gasbe" whks, y d di ktheydoeep thing is? [ t lighhtlauger ] thand ose "lel angimes tes" sa neys, early svery hceneas pe toplengalkiut abowi knoneng o heanotrer's velatis. inand inquiroug abeit thr rrcut enerwhboeas.ut fe inatur ng 75onew srogs fe m th dr ckopkiph murhays tl t ald soun tlikehis. shand wiots eath rstl bonsonia wh ano st td inache bunkgro d to ve gi m the aovientuthey.icit oh d , anmoi alorst fgot. it o alspehas goplengettit sho hein td. hea ns[ gu]hot ha>> we t argoyou g in dtoo ab t ou, ito?br gu[ t nsho] y, he. pal ns[ gu]hot [ nsgut ho] [ hogunst ] ns[ guhot ] >> st "boccon a"ent. pr lyobaben a ble affilck fm. [ rschee a anduspplae ] s >> weth: be'llghe rickt ba
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de ifar, ha we red di wctv,e d coultvput yws anherewi t thouinlook cg at wable iresboand inxes ry evem. roo thmoweer, s areerettles. wse fttleabor cle. an e d thlesimpinr thn gs li urke ob drahiclotng. 'sthatht rigug, da.hter d anmahomeaide hs.rcut ex y,actloy b. debesif s, ierit w fen'tor s,wire w how ould co tusins obiahiget ivs pry?ac hey - shut the blanket! i need my privacy! (v ono) de 't btta se gler. et a r$100d ewarcard enwh s youh witcirto d.ectv ) (man whmm.t ha ydo touhink? (s getranoor) grnd moin'! to (s.are ptt.) aonentipp shoers, ertha e's closte ouplhein tme den's mepartnt. t(vo)'sherere a gigat bun ki-khald wor t orexpl ie itsun a baruoscrk.stre
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bu bt i'lline write cog thde wthatalloill osw thine maches to i sharematinforiton weah erch oth. e i'll bngchangi thethway d e worlworks. (int pterru ing) cayou pickn't up it yo, can u? go ad. ahe c heifan't le hat th.mmer 's oitthkay ough!
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ee[ chndrs ala app]use >> h: setco welacme b k to e "latt,nigher" evy.ybod fiour gurst isest al a td ente r actoyowho owu knm frowohis rk " inigstrautht oomta c",pton 2 "1s yearava slane", d id "ss.eway" 's here cur sntlyintarr tg inhe senew , riesli"bil, ons"h whic sairsy undatsnighsh on meowti. s let' atakek. loo >> t whaoeit d ts isevhat ery on n ce iila where ththe's is th weing - sayam- i er nev so pr asoud n wheooi chotse n to ecprosa ute .case thand tat's irue,eon thry. bu cet ona in e whilshi wit tha uli costd jumo be - re -n.huma ha i t ven'refigut d outohow do th ndat ajo my tb atamhe se ti me. yo owu kn? >> h: setas plelce wetoome the
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ch[ rseend app ausla]e >> h: set a howoure y? ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] f >>stantaic! s >> seth:ppo ha sy toouee y. t >> yhankerou vchy mu. sir et>> shih: t -s iser- tha e's oflot nc coiceidenres he. h we'tavenn see oeach ftheror y 11 -ears- >> e. tru et>> sinh: souce yte hosnld "s." y >>es. >> h: setha we bve aarlizzd mi copong, iatentlly. >> t' thaghs rit. s >> aeth:hend wu n yoedhost nl "she", tht nig h youd,oste e thera was zablizrd. t >>s hat't.righ >> h: set a and tfterhohe shew, t af pater atrty r theuresta, ants ytever chingd.lose >> t' thaghs rit. s >> aeth:e nd wthhad tee afr pa rirty heght n re i sthiso.tudi r>> ibeemem wr it yell,eah. zablizfords mllowere wh iever go . s >> yeth:es. i >>he'm tzz blikiard ng! >> h: set g youipot rofped f. i soadnstege of g ttin cthisool pa atrty es a rantaurt -- >> no i kw! s >> teth:wahis kes liar a b tz miwivah ooth cpeler .ople ug[ la ]hter >> h. yea ye yoah, ru're.ight asit wd kin lof awnetdo. wa i oks lofoing d rwarheto t rt pay. >> h: setwa it sis bay calld boxe awineudnd bht lig. y >>eah. >> h: setwa it bus a .mmer or>> d.itos
1:02 am
's it r all.ight k thanyou. >> h: setgr conatatul oionsn il "bs.lion" t >> yhanksiou, r. s >> teth:wahis e s theshight te raemd prinier wt shos ime' orhisty. ee[ chndrs ala appuse ] ha>> twht's heat ty.y sa , yeahk thanyou. th yoank u. et>> souh: yy pla-- >> pl peovee lo it. et>> souh: yy plas.a u. to at frneyheor tth souern di ctstrine of rkw yo. t >>s hat't.righ ayi plke, lidy, ruli gui--ani e s >> aeth:ound ytr're tyingo ke tan dowandamiis lew. t >>s hat't.righ et>> sndh: a g youaruys e nt fac.asti ha>> tounk y. et>> sheh: ts re i nsomee uanc ghthou. do f youlieel eoke pwaple ngtchi shthe noow ko w wh'rtheye ot rofoing r? d andowho w youthant o em troot fo r? w >> iell,nk thi i theisdea at ths it'g goine to b licompd catepefor .ople et>> soth: gcha. m>> i aean,e t thofend the iday,y plagothe uyod g. i soe hopybeverroody foots r . me et>> sheh: toure y go. >> us 'cam e i'gothe uyod g. s >> beth:ouut ysu're per bi -ased- >> i buty plalathe n w ma-- et>> shah: tsut's biper .ased 'm>> ier supse biad. m i'r supeedbias. li [ laght erught ] ah ye t, atndhe eth of y,e da i ho hepe t w guyreho bthaks w,e la y gubrwho teaksawhe l." >> k younow? bu 'lt wee.l se sit'sseuppo bd tompe cotelicad. lk taabing whout cat'sicomplated ab itout 's, it o onee f th ea grart chrsacte. u' yon re iofone b theest veyou'r eveinhad th anying. y >>es. >> h: set a youyire ln ng othe gr , ounda and nadomi itrixs an st odingyover u. t >>s hat't.righ
1:03 am
>> h: set - and- d >>edressli up bke al'ig o rk tun ey ogrthe .ound s >> deth:edressan up 'sd it pr cettyomomprg.isin i >> vt iscoery mimpro.sing i thavey,o sais it o onee f th emostabnjoyhile ti'ngs veve er ne do. et>> st h: iwas. [ htlauger ] 'm>> i k notngiddi. i treadfihat scrst iene, was , likean"i cai't w dt toiso th, tu ac."ally gh[ liugt la ]hter s i walyreale lik-- bu ont i oply ht ed id woulbe, an m d i'kinot g,ddinte tasy full .done >> h: sett' thaces ni. y >>noou katw whea i mn? s >> aeth:t nd iis. >> i yes.t is et>> st h: iasis tlltefuney do. lithe ngghtida is thrk, e nadomi itrixots shm frondbehi. t >>s hat't.righ vit'staery ulstef. i soant's er intngestit parof a ch tearacr. d, an k you inow,grt's eat. 's ite lik g-- io ot t ttalko a mi doixnatr a, anl ctuaone. i togot rn leaut abo t allhis st uff. it g was.reat >> h: setyo so d u diarresech wi rth adoeal trminaix? >> y oh,eah. ye yeah, yeah, ah. [ t lighhtlauger ] et>> sndh: aw,, nols i aaro hed shyou n ot otilocan on ialactu w ne cyorkseity ubx cls. t >>ishis re corct. we t showoin t c sex.lubs on s e wa ajustip strb. clu et>> skah: oy. >> y vereftastul. >> h: setat gre. la [ erught ] a >>hend ter oth w one sas aex cl ub. s >> weth:--hat av i h -e no- i
1:04 am
.like la [ erught ] r >>y?eall s >> feth:meill p in,aul. >> re whe i wast? e therthwas etis vareriny in clic. >> h: sety. oka nd>> are the s's aceervir doo tnext.o it oit'sstn a -reet- 's itli on 8tke 2reh storet, me sog.thin >> h: sethu uh-6th, 2h. 2 >>6th. [ htlauger ] d angoyou ht rigth in ore do. d angoyou n dow cthisdoorrir -- i , meanlepeop b areinringg ei thgsr do c andtoats s thi e.plac d an ytheno ou gugthrooth anher do -or - et>> so h: souif y't done hava t, pey the eknowlyxactt whayour de i >> hi i to,nk shi i to.nk s heso tu n yoowgo dstn a asairce, d an, yeahreyou'a in clsex ub. an 'sd ite likt'-- iees crndpy a y.scar >> h: seth. yea nd>> are theli's, - ke -e'thers nt faroasy oms. er th ae isss et>> sh,h: o. wow ik>> lm e i'uga nabohty y it wra ten iomillmen ti ts onhe bl boack ard. th isere op an ineratomg ro. thand s ere' alikef ll o this ir weufd stf. w it- as -wethe stirdet parof it t is, where bas aar. an thd i t,ough t oh,sehey --rve thbut oney der't soove bze th ere. e therjuwas bst aitar wmeh so oo stls. d anonthe hily tehng bthind e ba atr thy thee,servre the a was smilk mhakeneachi a andfl wafe .iron ug[ la ]hter et>> s wh: ae affl-- s >>m o i' -like g- soaruys e in goerg thr e fochbrun?
1:05 am
be rust binnch y newciork ty. et>> shah: thot's eyw th t gethe wo thman ere. th e ey'r, likere"we'na gonto go aca pl fe --stantaafic w."fles s >> "eth:thand ncen oere the, le set's ate whpe hapns." >> ol absy.utel cr bispyanelgifl wafes. s >> ieth:ld wou w nottoant -- ni dohiot tbonk aheut td hea e spachai'd o ve to be tt be aa ha o ve to be t wwantesaffl -- >> ea to t t, aall. et>> seeh: serms vffy dit.eren th ole whine ths g walyreald kin an med i rean, chseariting and f,stuf'r youare heabing out st thuff cat i tan'tabalk out. t abouf,stuf i andld wout jusbe ke liha, "tcot's thol, gat'sood. i' nem do. at thre's gat." et>> so h: sneyou aedede saf jwordtoust k talt abouit. >> id i d. ge ot itf ut oeamy hotd, et>> sikh: lame, tinboure! outamb!rine le>> p pase,e.leas ta rimboune! >> h: seti so twantlko ta to yo ouu abist thca, beyouse u nt med ionereyou'in seeg am "hn"iltot nexh?mont a>> im. s >> yeth: "eah,lthami on", fa tintasc. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] e >>bovery bdy'sanig fs. rei'm pallyedsych. s >> seth:sao i aw itt nd i
1:06 am
mi erni sies. >> , wowpri apteeciat. tha ee[ chndrs ala app]use w, wonk tha. you k thanyou. >> h: setyo do bu --seecau hn joms adas gettypretrt sho ri shn ft iil"hamton." >> he is it in al at l? et>> se'h: ht.s no li [ laght erught ] >> ll reay? ow knmi "ha" lton-- >> h: set y butnoou k'sw itt sor ikof lsoe a f rt op-a rad base i >>kn do haow test, y. s >> 'eth:e cause ther- is -he me tis. o >>kay. s >> aeth:'mnd itt prerey su one of -- it t onehaime onmilts, say d anoli ape,ogizse then' aret my wo rds. th arese exe alr andelthami on's s.word o >>eah, rlly? >> h: setut "sh j up,ohn. yo t u faermothle [ b."ep ] pri'm settythure iat'se n th 'm>> itt prerey sut' tha ts inhe cl deioarat in ofenndepe.denc luabso.tely reyou'di kide,ng mll reay? ey th t sayabhat hiout m? oudo yl feee?clos oudo ye havosa cls enesto jo dahn aplms, g ayinhim? ai ag wn, i iouldnemagi d youid a lo rt ofrceseah. y >> des iid. no e t th dsameatominrix re chsear. t nolynearen as aitert.ning , yeahno. fii delynite do. yo owu kn g, hea ets lyrealhe -- nowas vet a oory gesd prt.iden s let' bjustnee host. >> h: seth. yea e >> hkiwas f nd oapa crpy pr enesidt.
1:07 am
i' alll wouk arndnd apl peorye ve ni wcelyreill izcogn.e it an ild sthel, t ay'lle ll b, like w"youseere ionsatinnal the frben inanklpi bioc." gh[ liugt la ]hter an m d i'ysalwae, lik g theuy t can'r -- osathe amm ads op biic. d anlii'm "yke, e ou'vtogot be ki g ddinmame, n." bu att thnb's uvaelieble. he ot's nit in al at l? s >> weth: tell, fo be wair,hen "j adohn -ams"e - thn "johs"adam -sminis erieotis nt tha tkindo ex alr andelthamion. et>> sikh: lhae, ts t wan a fu-- ke limi, re mndedh,e, oto hisry lyrealen depn ds opothe ofint ew vis it'.told bs>> aeloluty. nd kia of hdickinead oh "jamn ads." >> jo in dahn a mms's--ind a in lo pt ofe'eoplnds mi ws heas ki f nd ocka did. hea t buashe wl. coo at thhe's tng thi. he s wasofort ad a b. ass i , meanmei re wmberi hen was ad reabing hiout hm --lie's ke a pe suror heso or inmethg. ani me's, hell reaoly co. s >> heth:s ere'ththe ing. wh ouen yse go ame "hn"iltodo, i k,thinn whe lthathaine s,ppen u yoldshoue makg a bie scen t abouinleavg. la [ erught ] i >>ec objt! s >> ieth:ec objt! ayi plened bnk frainlin the "j adohn mams"seini !ries ug[ la ]hter i t can' twaitaro het whayou th abink itout . an thu k youcso mr h fog bein , hereman. >> nk than.s ma ecappr iiatet. s >> aeth:s lway tgoode o seyou. pa iaul gi,mattry eve!body ee[ chndrs ala app]use
1:08 am
nd suigay nonhts wt shoime. we be'll ht rigk bac with eyaubrza pla. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] ma mn, i jightchust illghtonit. puymonppybkey...ab puybymonke..aby. ympuppabonkeyby... pu onkeppymy.ybab.. y.pu.. ab .. pymo.pupbankeyby... puybymonkeaby... unta moewin dta kicks.rt
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ee[ chndrs ala app]use et>> selh: w bcometoack at "lghe nievt," oderyby. u yo oknowexur nest gunit toght hfromorer w ak as lprilteudga
1:13 am
ar st ttingroomoru w yosecan e alher siong obde rdeert o nir zaand roc ef tn inewhe ned comy, ir "draty g."ndpa t'letas lke ak.oo 'r>> yourde a ha to mank trac wn doofes, prsor. re>> ase thopa my nts? ea>> yheh, trese ar yous.pant uni fowed a r'rtheigs or iinaln e thetpock i andbe've ucen sking it onmoall rning. d>> youow to kni'hat a m not pr r,ofesso? right >> i yeah, know. u' youst re jrta dityy, dir dpgrana. kei lir yououpulluct coh. >> h, yeal, wele i'vnegot orws f u. yo at's th o theinnly th'sg that in go bg tolle puouing nit toght. [ t lighhtlauger ] [ enaudihsce o ] >> h: setas plelce webaome o ck t e th, showuna yomag woo n whhurt he l r ac'mso ing goigo to ry car ovher .er brau peyzala!
1:14 am
>> h: setk looouat y! [ rschee a anduspplae ] i!>> h >> h: set a yous lway slook uper xy set , bucathe asne wt whawas inmissg. k>> i inow,w knoloyou ve a .cane et>> s lh: ia ove .cane so d howt id ienhapp? w hoyodid stu buup it ? i >>e torclmy ayi plang ba basketll. bin atbaskegaall me. et>> sllh: aht rig. a >> hnd io ad tknget ee su y.rger an i d a got vecadandr teuton p y in m, kneey so m iknees un hanoted w. s >> oeth:t h, iauis h.nted ug[ la ]hter 'sthatic off rial,?ight ttheyyoell atu thn wheoeit gs ? in ff>> ol,iciaht rig? li [ laght erught ] s >> yeth:etou gme to heet t da caahver ofead e? tim s or iusit jt -- >> no. s >> reth:y?eall 'sthatum a bmer. 'c iauseult wo fd be-un - a>> i iskedcof i piuld buck, t ey thd saino. [ htlauger ] >> h: setl, welef hop yullyotou g a cgooderadav. acl k>> inow! [ htlauger ] et>> souh: yy plat a loof ba basketll. i nodid owt knt. tha y >> ieah,t jus hballard. ug[ la ]hter an wod i stn't op. >> h: set y andalou btoled rdo ha noand u w yo thaveopo st. n >> wo, i.on't et>> sh,h: o'r youile stnnl goa ju etst g t out -here- n >>ngothi m canmeake p! sto
1:15 am
goi'm stnna op. >> h: sett las -timest- lae tim weyou erre he e, wa had leprobm ngmaki s youdotop soing inmethg. h wehead tt casioreun n of ks"par r andec." asit wren't aallyni reuiton, s wanithe yoght reu aiurd yo na file. ha>> trit's ght. s >> aeth:imnd jei o'hher, t nt fac astir actoplwho ayed y jerrur-- dthing ode gotsnigh r foshthe yoow, ysu gut jusfull m onouade r t fo alikeg lon .time ug[ la ]hter ee[ chrs ] >> h. yea et>> sndh: ae havguyou ys st iayeducn toh? y >>noou ke w, w thave hree il ch.dren et>> sh,h: oy. oka ug[ la ]hter i sontt well really we. y >>eah. we d kinusof jokt toan it n d ra iwitht. s >> teth:s hat'asfanttic. 'sthatas a frnt tuun-aro d on e thredrchilen. 'c tauseishat er undea a yo.r ag k>> inow. i .know ug[ la ]hter r ou akidsisre dingustokg loing. tei ham theall. [ t lighhtlauger ] s >> "eth:y dirtdpgrana." co tungraonlatis. 's iter supny fun. auyou onditiored fif a dntfere accharthter hean t y onendou eed up yi plang. >> no. ii -- a was tskeddio au ftionor otthe chher tearacr. s >> geth:a.otch osorte f thefzac loron ve in sttere. z >>frac eovon ltee in, restlike th ole col girhaor wr.teve
1:16 am
liwas "ike, m f i'g goine to bin mthis, oviegoi'm toing y pla githe harl ts t hawisex th rtrobeni de ro." >> h: sete. sur gh[ liugt la ]hter ec>> b tauses hat' iwhatt wanto do. [ htlauger ] et>> seah: yh. th wi d allesue r tpecto c zan,efroov a lmaely n. >> h. yea nono, ., no et>> soth: nr you.type >> h, yeaof no e fensimto ht , bu s i wa ljust "ike, wwheni ill anget or opptytunipl to ay de o' nirves loer intevest er?" so us i js t wa, like d"i'm oing it." d anasit wua actatlly rk "pas an c"d reec i d tidedhis. i oleftf ne olathe ayst d s of shour toot,ashe list ep iode, st jut wen tfrom theree o th tiaudion. an had i pld a o an th flas.them et>> sh.h: o l >>myike t. but et>> sh-h: uhuh. [ htlauger ] a >>t nd iinwas s thet.crip t so i'twasnke, lita, to ylly,ou ow kn -- >> h: set o outwhf noere. >> ak fre my onrty pa. t buasit w. i and hevenhead trk "pad s an re akc" m de-uptmepar lent, ike, t pu-umake mp on jy --maust ke msuretty buks lood. goo li [ laght erught ] d an ithent jus twent, hereand
1:17 am
juand oost latked c thea amer saand bid a ounchalf reirly dty in thgs. an end thla i f tshedanhem end th fti le. d an ithen i gott! la [ erught ] >> h: setth so s is i-- ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] is thli is - ke - ithis s an ruinstnactiodel vir o fog youn rsacto. >> h, yeayo if ntu wao ed tn be a r,acto j youtaust ouke yr ot clofhes f. >> h: setre the g youo. at ther's vspy inioiratnal. ut>> bwa it chs a tearacr oi chce. >> h: setch gota. i >> c'm actharaer. et>> souh: ydo -- - youu - yo shaveitex wbeh roe rt d iniron e the.movi an u d yo -guys y- doavou h e to plike ysychelours ff uphior ts? is thth is horougheut tm. fil ithisets pructy ml h al your accharwater nts. th yat'sanou d wcingith ro dbertroe ni. la [ erught ] t >>s hat'rtrobeni de ro wh areelbngrowi me. >> h: seth. yea ofone ri ame gca's treaturreases a ofg.ctin >> h, yeat thae scenawwas e,esom usbeca de wet idn' i w wedaere g ncin nin aclightub, an wd heusas jwnt do. he l was "ike,evwhatouer yt wan o me ttedo, e ll me wherutto p h my."ands et>> sowh: w. l he pooksy rett tdown thereoo. [ htlauger ] >> h. yea 'sthate likavmy fe.orit at thn' wasent evth in vie moe. at th j wassoust inmeth jg weust
1:18 am
ah ye. et>> souh: yyo -- veu hait -- 's mea cody. heso wsan i tiy in, macy nit'sot i soatntime. w >>--ell s >> beth:idut d-- he [ htlauger ] t >> io mea t's slove.tory la [ erught ] s!it i >> h: seth, yeais it ! be i edliev m thee inutrsi fit w sa cyourctharai er, evbelied th ouat yte wan hd toseave thx wi rtrobeni de ro. >> s he'himet tcs mah. s >> heth:s e hahimet tcs mah. d diivhe gu e yoid-- d g youuys clikectonneor befe e th film testard? yodid iu --rd heaga he ouve y a ft gi. y >> heah,a e's cveryy lassguy. he e gavyoever sne a gtartift. be i e lievasit wer a vy pe exe nsivlebottwi of ndne a a lelittd car sthat"baid areak g" leso or inmethg. et>> sh-h: uhuh. >> i and l was "ike,ldshou i gi imve hif a gt?" dni dino't km.w hi evwe naler tked. an wad i kes lial, recaly sofred rk wowiing imth h. et>> surh: se. ec>> b iause t wasfierried. bu wat i kes li'm, "ing goido to thsomekiing f nd oy.craz"
1:19 am
urpict me off ysely in mletrair, in ra cha, cterthand pen iedrint it a out pnd it ut i bin aofook buzen smddhi i andpp slit ed i r undetrhis r aile wdoora ith lelitte not sthat laid, ike, py"hapot sho oing"mer sog.thin la [ erught ] thand jen iliust aike wted. i and 'tdidnr heahianytbong aut f it wor aeek. an wad i rrs ted ifie ithat had amadeta misndke at thae maybi gowas toing f get airedaynd mbe w hen'ouldket lit. tha usbecadoe i knn't imow h. s >> reth:.ight nd>> an, thee, likki he f nd o cjustllasuamey car ovee,to m ke liwe, a atek lnder awa he s , likeot"i gr you."book ug[ la ]hter an wd heikas l ie -- t puthe pi e cturagon p ae 4,e nd hwas , likenl"i ot y goagto p"e 4. ug[ la ]hter w iteras vody go. d an hthenlke wawaed ay. i and liwas "gke, imot h!" la [ erught ] et>> sndh: an thediyou ved ha to ot shoer a vnny fux y see scen rwitht oberirde no. y >>eah. et>> ss h: i -thats - wa dthatay en eve mormiintingdatin thathe rsothe? ea>> yhah, ty t da--was h, yea w itcaas sry. w itn as areenti o day, f us
1:20 am
s >> yeth:eah. b>> [ ]leeph eacr.othe et>> s wh: i nouldayot st tha a was tibeau yful,woou tin makg ve lone sce. >> l, welts parit of e. wer yebut itah, c was.razy it r wasy eallhe-- tasre w so ny mard weien momts. t buashe wco so bool at ut iand so ke, liof, pronessindal a er evngythi. i and f-- ibaelt r d fo him, usbecae e th fvery tirst hing th apat hd penerebefoev we en st d arteg doinhianytasng w -- ig orlyinalbr my s a waossupped to ke, lip , poanoff wd itas in go bg toise th a gaghend tn th ecey d aidede t th mlaste inut wthat ne'reoiot go ng thado tt. t bu htheyigad rmyged bra ayanyw t, sowehey ikre lt e, i t won'ofpop t'f, ines fi. d anvethe irry fakst thee, ty lwere "ike,onacti!" d anlihe, weke, ownt t mardse, itand s pop aoff, wnd iikas le, h! "a" ug[ la ]hter thand hat'se ow wtestare d th day. an wad i kes liel, "wt l, at leas rowe bheke t." ice la [ erught ] >> h: setl, wel w youalill ways thavehis. at th h youthave ncis iblredie rtrobeni de xpro enceriee. ea>> yndh, awi so e.ll h et>> seah: ybsh, aeloluty. la [ erught ] ll i'l telthyou neis, imxt te 's hee, hert' thal s ale we'r intalkoug abs t, ieyaubrza pla. g >>ood.
1:21 am
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fobe treremeat getnt te ed fst torb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas cewhere furtain ngal ioinfect cns aren,ommo an if yd e ou'v,had tb he tipatib,s ro are p ne to ctinfeions, h ore avliflu- kesy msmptor os.sore don't start humira if you have an infection. lk ttayoo docurr tod viantsihu ramiom..c this is humirat wo a.rk y canayou sov i l? e it h o ilove t? y canayou s? hey ! hey ha ts t'spthe ! iritohoooo . o ooh oh h woo ooh oo wh h oo in sngg siby, bay babi yloveohou. . yes o ooooh ooh. ve eitry lthtle ing. get 30% off every guest y everipshn ie thricaeabbn but rrhu thiy,ofs r wofetn' stlaong l me cok th seeyae ro l eacaribbn ok bood t aay t 801-ro0-lcyaibaranbe.
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1:24 am
th and y en theack go bto l stilouwhen y go. let so every time yo u atakere pictu, geyou t morean tht a juso.phot geyou elt to rive e mo th.ment us becaele it tts yepor ou h througanspace me.d ti i' ddinm kig.
1:26 am
et>> selh: w bcome ack, ou xtnest guea is -sbestngelli orauth a andarn awnnd-wiing jo liurnahost w a hasum col n in "nthe orew ymek tives" ery su andayednd waynesd. pl weasemeelcoth to owe sh, an frunk bri! [ eech ars andlappe us] et>> sowh: h y areou? >> g i'mood. ho e w aryou? >> h: set v i'mgoery od. we e werintalkckg bae.stag hayou o ve te writcotwo s lumna
1:27 am
we ndek aet som iimeshat's o rd t co p me u mwithiaaterl. t righwinow hith tecs el, tioni el fes it'tta liitle bie easr r fo oboth.f us t'>> ilos a sit eaer. et>> st'h: ilos a sit eaer. >> h. yea >> h: set y andavou hene be it wra ing ablot thout ece eltion so t farpoo a thint omat s e of cathe atndidaves hkee taten no y ofou. >> . yes et>> sedh: tz cru din ae ebat alacturoly b, ughtmothe toderar ou brupght o oneurf youm colns, an d d te wcruzotas n m, heitade ve lery ce ar hnowas fat a n of you. >> s no, ho we save,'so it a mu rtualioelatp.nshi et>> seah: yh. >> k you wnow,ele fe s theame ab eaout thch oer. >> h: sett' thawas alicys ne. y >>yees, s. ap [ seplau ] ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] knyou i ow, alactuanly mary yes o ag00in 2 c0, iedover ge worgesh. bure's pntsideial ca gnmpai. re i ermembin havnng din er ia ou gr cp ofigampaden aiats th cl in tudedrued cz. et>> sh,h: ot' thaghs rit. nd>> are the n wasnso se e at tthatthime e at hd wouln go oto co beheme t c tedweruz i seen is thpa camign. >> h: setht rig. noand u w yo, alsolddonamp tru? ot anpeher yrsonavou hite wrten ab out. an r otheonperst tha ntookote re lycent. d anwryou a ote mncolure whe you alactuadly hap to izolog e to p trumusbecau e yo amade st miake. >> id i d. wa i oos ch fsinga rom etbask of
1:28 am
s >> yeth:es. w >> ihichsis bay callenthe tire iv un, ersee maybudinclyoing u, to o. et>> s hh: ibeave alen ca led r loseonby dtrald yump,es. >> ht rigit so ye's, ah. t'so iels, we'l, wogre tr ethein tthishen. >> h: setnk tha. you gh[ liugt la ]hter >> i so bawas llsicaooy ch sing tfromnthe eunire seiverus min ve fipl peoe. d anofone n the oamese n thlist wa was hoterd srn. itbut t wasawhe lyer ho sward, ternthnot die raowo sh .host s >> reth:.ight o >> sp trumtetweeatd thas i w a pe do. et>> sigh: rht. an r otheofone w his.ords >> h, yeae, dopmy dum l and.oser cai be dme aope. n'i doowt knre whet thas rankin e thnotaxof my op trumltinsus. >> h: seth. yea ut>> bid i det twek bacimat h, d an tsaiddohis pope azelogis, u yot gome. >> et sheh: toure y go. 'sthatat, thic's nure josmnali gh riert tho e, tt admit.faul b>> iveelie i in,ie beln ve i infall yg onswour ord. s >> neth:ouow ye haveoa thry, be e causs i waofone p thee eopl wthatthhen hois while tng st d arte twith, rumpoui thitght d woulhobe sivrt-led. i ghthouist thld wouer neve hav kithe f nd ontmomet um inohas w. iwhaturs yoor the ty asy o wh th onis cestinuy , whtihe sasll h pthisioosit tn inolhe p?ls i >>nk thido he hies tazs aming jo pb ofnguttimu so odch fder ou t. fe g edinucso mw h nef stufheto t a mediy everlesing. day at th s hisofins p thegeast t
1:29 am
no r onebeememftrs ahrer tee we theks e at h lsaid bet'san sl mu bims,seecaus he'n giveso ch mush frem chuhein ter wat. et>> sigh: rht. t'>> irts soli of heke trn eteal ns su ohinee f thlespotss ca atndide. li [ laght erught ] e th kpast geepsngettise erad. s >> reth:.ight er whifeas o any ctherdaandite d ha jdoneonust te ofhihe tngs he , hadouit wuild rn a ca gnmpai. >> wo we tauld bolk at ut i ssincey,antl h butepe kes rn tuthing gee pa. th isere mu so ewch n fo iniormatn. 's heac att skingneomeoe. els an 'sd hee donncan iblredib e jo akof meving otery caher atndide lk taut abot whaanhe whets tm to ta bolk aut. crted asuz hnt spe l theast se l vera tdaysngalkiut abo na doruld t amp'sk ttacon te uzd cr. it in's k bd ofiarillnt. >> h: setha he ens beyi pla ng a erwondchful gaess me. u yoe wrotthsomething at i th t oughfawas atscin ting,his id ofea, ry evedi can ydateanou c inimagvie gi cng assonceion sp ueechatltimnoely rkt woing ou r t fo.them lddonamp tru't cane. los , like, he'se'or heas cra ted onpersata thin los dg, i on't wknowwohat hauld .ppen ig>> rht. lo isser w hisfoord opr pehole w noare d gooifin le. i >>nk thima noriflly eo somne lo ioses thwa, ayey s g i'm oing into w h newhiampsre.
1:30 am
ait'str desonuctith of tie enre an brd. >> h: seth, yeahi i te'nk hs in go bg toiturn n. dow ig>> rht. >> h: sets he'g goinurto bwan io heto tun grod. gh[ liugt la ]hter o >> -ther- et>> souh: y't canal be d loweto nt co sinueg ayine thesgsthin! >> h, yeahi i t wnk i boulde ar scf ed irei weio an wan. wo 'tuldn? you et>> seah: yh. s >>e o, hwimay can beuse th l ey'l ovotef ut o.fear s >> yeth: ieah,nk thi so. ini th ak wevell ellntually wi. us cau e yo cjust pan'treictu him st ngandia at umpoding beie, lik , wellidwe d b ourest. >> ht riggh, riigt, rht. >> h: sett' that s nohim. [ htlauger ] >> n no, mo, i aean,ths i i ink isaide n thr,papeca he wen't ar e thnanickomme ccke ba. kid et>> sigh: rht. >> t' thakes liid a msedle n at i ac cor h foy a guhawho nys ma iv prplate .anes et>> sxah: e.ctly ltexacy. inow,t wanlsto alko tayo to u ou abist th. ca beyouse arur ctreer toajecry ha ens bein so sttereing. yo reu we c the rhiefurestaant cr aitice t th y"newtiork mes" a for tlongime. i >>. was >> h: sete i'vysalwan bee infasc batedisy th. ywhenavou h ee toeaat mikls le at thre whe t youarhen ine gog to yzanald e ane writ oyouronpini, i isilt styol joo us teat? >> h, yeahi i tatnk eising et proyty jous. s >> oeth: skay,u o yor,neve it ne gover rit boorng f? you >> t thar nevebogot .ring
1:31 am
vothe lacabury. s >> ieth:. see o >> s, liket,moisde tenr. et>> sigh: rht. a >>hend tu n yo yfindeloursf us suing enccult. s >> yeth:eah. a >> mnd imyade aselfmi prose wh gen io ot ttwthe etentih cc sut ulenuli woopd stng bei a re rastaurint c atic, tnd i hink r aftei 100 llfinavey gath up e g. gi >> h: setch gota. i isuet trt tha ywhenraou tvel as es a rantauritt cryoic, veu ha k toa eep prlow e ofilbeand in di sesgui? is s thi-- >> m notofany di us sesgui rs ous.elve bu out, y r tryy eall thardkeo ma re suy the nhaveeao id'r youe on wyouray. y soseou uev an haer-cg ngin ro osterkef faes nam. >> h: set i gott. nd>> aas i way alwt s nooda go an plinner an advsoce, b i'de on th one phkie may ng mrvresen atio awithta rest urani and d woul alook bt myheookslf. an id soed din a outs . mrtewebsr.r, mor fod, mr is. gr mham,pdr. uike. ne wiver heth te samonpers-- as >> h: setan i cel't b nievee o on refiguatd th. out >> k you snow,neomeoba probly d diwaand o s to -kind- s >> yeth:eah. mi coo ng terdinnin aga. la [ erught ] it af's s se tot'ay iuns bri. r >>.ight >> h: set d andouid yr eve ahave rt paariculwfly axpul enceriee? i >> m hadpaany ulrtic aarlywful
1:32 am
s >> aeth:hend wurn, dthing at fu awpel excerien y, doheou tn fe wfel anoul k twingyohat llu wi vehao tkeliom citmit pa to per? y >>eeou fd,l baau becouse y sknowpeome aopleorre w king .hard sobut esme rantaurrets at jusso f ofr thei, gamereyou'ng doi st cus omerg a bir.favo ouif yn' didy,t sa, heyt don'go re he. s >> reth:.ight ou>> yw, knore thea is t grea st rentaurado in wnwnto y nework no alw, cloled a cande.verd et>> sanh: fictastce pla. g >> ireatantalice pla. u ittosed a be e placedcall go ag. et>> skah: oy. gg>> as o wadfdreandul aas i w e thwhone s o wahein t w jobhen o itd,peneev i rd ieweit. an red i ermembneed oht nig i or d dere orackmbf la. s >> meth:m.m-hm nd>> as thie larg tchophat lo nokedngothie lik clambame. an sad i whid, s at i?this thand aiey s'sd itea a vopl ch d anidi sael, "worl i d derethe orackmbf laci speal." an eyd thd saiitoh, ur's ok rac amof lalb vep. cho an td solihey llteraeay cra ted idhybrf, beere whee nonevhad er is exted. s >> aeth:ound yld coun't ap iaprechate tatt fesc of e.ienc el>> w cl, i would arite iboutt. s >> teth: yhereo.ou g k thansoyou h mucbefor ing he re. >> nk tha. you et>> seeh: k tp upoohe grkd wo. 's itde won rrfulngeadi t youwice a .week ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] fr brank euni,boverydy! urbe s re tohiead lus con mn i "nthe orew ymek tin s" oaysunds d aneswedn.days l we'ligbe racht bk.
1:33 am
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u yo xknowtoarel is t 1 he #ibprescroded blothin inner la its css. 'sthat w a bigin. i itr mes fo. x with arelto er tho e is nlar regudbloo torimoning d annono ktawn diery st reiorictns. tmtreawient arth x elto... as...w rig theovht muse for . as urk yor doctoxaabout o relt. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] s >> meth:any tho ks t ul pama gia atti,y ubrea,plaz fr brank euni,boverydy! jo resh f tese,s hankn!agai 8gthe d. ban [ rschee a anduspplae ]
1:36 am
1:37 am
>> so cari n: h tfromkyhe s.lark is thca is drsonanaly red he's at whom's cuping ig tonn ht o "last call." muour issic nd houh moutd anit's coming to you from the el rey. r oulispottoght t nighn is o on"secand ch" cearst ro zib ka bnskyirut fyost, owu kn rk main mckfrney isom hk woron o twheof tat greskest etch dycomeie serevs .er cofrsou"ke s id tin hhel"alnd a


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